(text)ualization: words & art exhibition at NSCC Art Gallery

Opening Receptions: 1-3pm and 6-9pm Tuesday April 8th

(text)ualization: words & art is a group exhibition featuring 12 artists and artist groups across the country whose works on paper and mixed media work illume the poetics and visual capabilities of text. Legibility and meaning are called into question as artists explore the abstraction of type, and the conversational possibilities of line. Words that whisper, deteriorate, bore into, texture, decorate, chafe, or shout – words that bolster an image, articulate a narrative, or read as an image alone are all explored here.

366 skies - A collaboration between Gina Alvarez, Jessica Baran and Amy Thompson (St. Louis, MO)
Diana Guerrero-Maciá (Chicago, IL)
Ben Beres (Seattle, WA)
Inge Bruggeman (Portland, OR)
Denise Bookwalter (Talahassee, FL)
Joseph Pentheroudakis (Seattle, WA)
Tricia Treacy & Ashley Pigford (Philadelphia, PA/Boone, NC & Neward, DE)
Kristen T. Ramirez (Seattle, WA)
Sally Schuh (Seattle, WA)

Curated by Amanda Knowles and Kelda Martensen

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Posted on: March 24th, 2014 at 12:39:44

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