Symphonic Band Juneteenth Celebration: Reflection

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What: North Seattle Symphonic Band Juneteenth Celebration: “Reflection” – under the direction of Erin Keeton-Howard

When: June 19, 2022 3 p.m.

Where: Erickson Theatre

The program entitled “Reflection” provides space to reflect and stretch our understanding of the holiday and celebrate the vibrant culture and triumphant joy of the black community. The program will feature the following works:

The Nine- Randall Standridge
The Nine was commissioned by the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site, the Little Rock Central Band, and their director, Mr. Brice Evans. It expresses the experience of the “Little Rock Nine”; the first nine students of color to attend a previously all white high school. The composer says, “ Ignorance and hate of “the other” has been around for as long as humankind has existed, but so has compassion, kindness, and love. These two forces are polar opposites and are in constant conflict with one another, and have manifested themselves in small and large ways throughout human history. The battle between these forces serve as the inspiration for “The Nine.”

Suite of Old American Dances – Robert Russell Bennett
This work is a compilation of historically relevant popular tunes of early American history. Movements include: Cakewalk, Schottische, Western One-Step, Wallflower Waltz, and the finale- Rag.

Come Sunday- Omar Thomas
This new work is written by Omar Thomas, a black queer composer, who states that “this one is for the culture”. Come Sunday is a tribute to the Hammond organ and it’s place in gospel worship. The first Movement is entitled, “Testimony”, and it replicates the sermon in traditional Sunday services in many black communities. It is a moment of reflection and reverence. The second movement, “Shout!”, is a tribute to the joy and indominable spirit among the congregation.