Distribution of KN95 Masks for Student and Staff Use

North Seattle College has secured a limited supply of KN95 masks that it is making available to staff and students who do not have their own or did not bring a mask to campus. They are for use only by staff and students who are coming to campus. Please take only ONE MASK PER PERSON for daily use if you do not have your own.

KN95 masks offer better protection against the omicron variant of COVID-19 than disposal surgical-type masks. The use of cloth masks is not recommended. We are no long distributing disposable surgical masks as we had been.

KN95 masks can be reused when rotated daily and kept in a dry location or in a paper bag when not in use. See this article for more information about reusing KN95 masks. Never touch the surface of the mask but handle it by the ear loops.

KN95 masks are available for pick-up at the Campus Security office (College Center) and the south entrance to the Opportunity Center for Employment and Education.

Thank you for always wearing your mask while indoors on campus.