Sharing Stories

Equity and Welcome Center

Join for Sharing Stories: An Anti-racism Discussion Group.

This will be an informal group for North students, staff, and faculty to discuss topics related to race, ethnicity and anti-racism in a respectful, relaxed setting.

First Thursdays from noon - 1 p.m. in the Equity & Welcome Center, CC1151 (College Center building)

• Oct. 3
• Nov. 7
• Jan. 9
• Feb. 6
• March 5
• Apr. 2
• May 7

Each meeting has a different theme. Examples:

• Public Space: When Do We Feel Uncomfortable or Relaxed?
• Comfort Food
• Imposter Syndrome and the Academic Experience
• News, “Fake News” and Online Gossip
• Art: Who’s In the Picture?
• Mentorship and Helping Others
• Why History Matters
• Friendship
• Fan Favorites: Musicians, Artists, Writers, and Creativity

Two faciltators lead each meeting using one to two open-ended questions to begin and have informal discussion. All commentary is confidential, which participants are reminded of in a statement read at the beginning and end of each meeting. Facilitators may share readings, historical information, or show documentary film excerpts depending on that month’s topic. This group is not part of any administrative department or division, nor is there any formal membership. Participation is voluntary and the frequency of meetings is based upon community interest. At the end of each meeting, you are invited to share news about a book, podcast, movie, local business, activity, etc. that promotes equity, diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism. We’d like to end the meetings with something to act on or to enjoy.