Water Outage Update--March 6

March 6, 2018
Dear Campus,
Facilities crew, working with an emergency contractor, have located the rupture in the main water line that’s caused disruptions to buildings in the North end of campus. This afternoon, a 3-foot long fissure was found in the pipe. The pipe does not appear to be corroded on the exterior surface, which is good news. Unfortunately the break is located directly under and abutting a 25,000 Volt concrete main electrical service conduit that serves the same areas of campus as the water main.
Because of the location of the break and its proximity to the conduit, a substantial amount of additional excavation is required before the repair can be made and new pipe can be installed to bypass the break. The expected timeline for this repair to be completed and water to be restored is now Monday, March 12, at the earliest. However, the contractors are working from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day and will notify us immediately if this timeline is reduced, at which point we will notify you.
We apologize for the significant disturbances caused by this break and water outage, and we will continue to make every effort possible to accommodate affected classes, students and employees.
Water delivery to affected buildings
Food services will be delivering free water bottles beginning tomorrow, March 7, to all affected buildings that remain open: Instructional Building, Library and Arts & Sciences Building.
The Childcare and Wellness Centers will remain closed until water is restored. We recognize that students and some employees are directly affected by these closures. We encourage instructors with students whose children attend the center to be flexible, should your student have to miss class due to childcare needs.     
We have been in communication with the Seattle Fire Department and the Department of Health to alert them of our situation. Seattle Fire has assured us we are operating safely, despite the water outage. Out of an abundance of caution, facilities and security crew are and will remain on a 24-hour fire watch.  
Instructional areas
We realize that this disruption is significantly affecting some classes and labs. Instructors whose classes or labs are directly affected are asked to please work with their Deans to coordinate either the relocation of classes or a cancellation if needed. The Office of Instruction will make every effort to quickly accommodate requests for room changes. It is at the discretion of each individual faculty member to cancel a class if reasonable accommodations can't be found.
Unfortunately, restrooms in the Library, Instruction Building, Childcare Center, Arts and Science Building and Wellness Center remain unavailable. These restrooms have been locked until water is restored. Water and working restrooms are available in the south end of campus in College Center Building, HSSR, the Education Building and OCE&E, and facilities and custodial staff have increased check-ins on these areas to ensure restrooms are adequately maintained and well supplied.
Childcare Center and Wellness Center
These centers will remain closed until water can be restored.
We will continue to notify you as soon as we receive updates. This same information will also be shared in the alert at the top of the college homepage. Thank you again for your patience during this significant disturbance.


Posted on: March 6th, 2018 at 17:03:14

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