Update from North Seattle College Regarding Planning of the Northgate Pedestrian Bridge

Nov. 10, 2017 
Dear North Community,
North Seattle College encourages you to stay abreast of the draft design elements of the Northgate Pedestrian Bridge. The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) website is rich with drawings, timelines and feedback from various open-houses and community events.
To review the college's analysis, please see the following links: 
The College is often asked its position about the Bridge and this email is to clarify NSC's position and to gain a sense of what is important for the community. The college community is very excited about the Northgate Pedestrian Bridge and that east and west I-5 will be connected with the future service of light rail. The College has not taken any position about the architectural style of the bridge. We have taken a position regarding the alignment of the bridge. The College believes that on the west side of I-5, a straight alignment utilizing the old 100th Street path creates superior sight lines and, hence, enhanced safety as an individual on the bridge could see from College Way all the way across the bridge. Given potential schedule delays and budget costs that could be incurred through mitigation of the wetlands and heritage trees along the 100th St. route, however, SDOT has chosen curves/bends in the pathway that fall just south of 100th St. (You can view renderings here and here.)
North Seattle College has begun negotiations with SDOT regarding the alignment and easement issues. The college is making every effort possible to respect the city's timeline for determining an easement on the Northgate Pedestrian Bridge Project, while also attempting to ensure that our position is representative of what the community--on and off our campus--feels is appropriate. Therefore, as part of our due diligence in understanding what community members feel best represents the needs of the north end, we encourage you to please contact the SDOT team and share your preference at NorthgateBridge@seattle.gov. If the community does not feel strongly about the 100th Street alignment, then the College will accept the SDOT alignment and continue to advocate and cooperate on achieving the clearest possible sight lines along the city's preferred route.
Public Information Office
North Seattle College
w: 206.934.7791 | c: 512-934-8155
Posted on: November 29th, 2017 at 09:15:14

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