GRAHAM PEBERDY: jewelry and metal works in the NSC Library through May 30

Jewelry, a rattle, and more on display.

North Seattle College Library. All rights reserved.

Graham A. Peberdy was born northwest of London, England in the town of Woking, County Surrey in 1964. He was raised with a very British style with a sense of humor that comes with being English. The family jumped the pond and settled in Northport, New York state, in the winter of 1966. This is where he had his first real memories of his childhood. The family moved to Seattle Washington where he still lives today. Their first thought about the Pacific Northwest: “What a load of dripping trees”. Soon Graham found the great outdoors and the mountains, and fell in love with spending time outdoors.        

         In his late teen years, he hitchhiked up and down the coast and all around. He found himself in Yosemite where he spent as much time in the backcountry. He still makes trips into the woods for artistic inspiration, searching for stones and minerals to incorporate into his jewelry and sculpture. He takes pride in the fact that many of his pieces are found, cut, polished and then set by himself. He has a background in sheet metal that has allowed him to flourish in jewelry making. These skills helped set the course for his jewelry and artwork.


In unmindful and inattentive moments, I can miss the flow. The chance to jump forward with it and adapt to the creative moment and change with the current season that always moves forward, I have to pay attention and remain organic with my work while moving within the fusion of time and the ever changing tides of my mind’s eye.

Posted on: May 3rd, 2017 at 14:10:15

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