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Photography for Kids

For more than a generation Fred Rogers entreated every adult within earshot of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood to find ways to spend quality time with their young person each and every day. Mister Rogers would never steer us wrong. He was speaking to a deep societal need; adults need to take a proactive role in early childhood development. Many a grownup heeded Mister Rogers’ words and as a result the world of parenting looks a lot different from the early days of Public Television.

Are you looking for an opportunity to learn alongside your young person this summer? Continuing Education is offering a colorful assortment of Kid-Friendly classes designed to give parents/guardians and their kids the chance to explore science, ceramics, photography and the secrets of magic." 

The Art of Magic—Kids & Adults
Let seasoned artist and prestidigitator Leslie Thyagarajan introduce you to a wizarding world right under our noses with DIY illusions and amazing sleight-of-hand tricks using everyday household objects like coins, cards, ropes, rubber bands and paper!  “Adults and kids can look forward to exploring the wonders in life itself through magic and origami—discovering science and art in a whole new way,” says Thyagarajan. “Kids especially will get a fresh look at how and why magic baffles, amazes, entertains and seems to defy logic. Adults can look forward to much the same and maybe even satisfy their own curiosity in ways they didn’t expect!”

This class is intended for children ages 7 and up. Registration price is for one adult and up to two children.

Ceramics—Kids & Adults 
Create from clay with your kid and make something to treasure for a lifetime. “Human beings have been molding clay for 40 thousand years,” instructor Gary Georger reminds us. “Why? Because its feels good. Kids and adults can look forward to experiencing all the ways this wonderful material can be molded, pinched, pushed, slipped and scored into make your own unique Art!”

This class is intended for children ages 7 and up. Registration price is for one adult and up to two children.

Photography for Kids
Unlike our previous Kid-friendly offerings, Photography for Kids is aimed at slightly older learners, offering them an opportunity to exercise some creative autonomy while learning their way around a camera. “Kids can look forward to learning about composition and elements of design, getting feedback on their photographs and establishing a network of support for taking photographs,” says instructor Susan Parker. The class includes three Sunday morning field trips that involve the student’s parent or guardian. By the conclusion of Photography for Kids, Parker hopes her students will find their own voice and style of photography; “I can only hope that the adults will discover that their children have a viewpoint all their own,” says Parker.

For ages 9–13 years old; waiver required with registration.

This summer, head off on a learning adventure with your young person, or give them the chance to strike out on their own. Explore possiblities this summer with Continuing Education. 

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Photo credit #3: Cole Hornaday 

Posted on: May 10th, 2016 at 10:25:28

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