Unique Evening Associate Degree Programs at North!

Earn your associate degree in the evening at North Seattle College. You can study full-time and get your Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate in Business (AB DTA) degree in two years or less.

Most evening students (84 percent) take evening classes because outside obligations prevent daytime attendance. The evening class schedule accommodates these students and is planned to guarantee class offerings that fulfill all the requirements for an AA degree or AB degree in a two-year period, through hybrid courses that blend one-night-a-week evening meetings with online classroom activities and assignments that can be completed at home or elsewhere.

“Offering evening AA and AB hybrid degrees provide an inexpensive educational opportunity for a broader population of working adults who are now able to complete their degrees in two years,” comments Mary Ellen O’Keeffe, EdD, former NSCC vice president for instruction.

With the evening schedule students have fewer required campus visits per class and the potential to take more classes each quarter. Surveyed students expressed a preference for hybrid over fully online courses. A set schedule of these evening hybrid courses over the next two years allows students to confidently plan a degree pathway with an advisor. Students might also enroll in fully online classes after becoming familiar with instruction-enhanced technologies as they are experienced in hybrid courses.

Special Instructor Training and Expanded Support Services
Instructors receive specific training in the design, development and delivery of hybrid courses that incorporate nationally recognized standards for effective student-centered learning. Numerous studies point to the power of such blended learning environments in enhancing student success. Some hybrid classes are “flipped,” such that students are able to watch recorded lectures on their own time and then participate in higher-level conceptual applications in an instructor-led, face-to-face campus classroom.

Evening student services on campus have been expanded as well in order to provide support for increased evening student attendance. All areas of the College from Instruction to Student Services (including the Library, Advising and the e-Learning Support Center) participate in this program at many levels to ensure its success.

How the Schedule Works
The programs offer classes in hybrid form, with each five-credit class offered on one evening a week for three hours (with the remaining two-hour equivalent offered online). A student who wanted to be full-time in the evening could study on three nights, three subjects, for 15 credits. It would also be possible to take just one class or as many as four classes; but for each class, the student would just need to be on campus one evening. A possible schedule would be math on Monday, English on Tuesday, and music on Thursday, making a full-time schedule for fall. NSCC preplans the full schedule throughout the year to make sure that there are sufficient choices for students to meet all requirements for the AA, AB and the Direct Transfer Agreement over a two-academic-year span.

This schedule does not affect career training certificate or degree class schedules.

For more information about the evening degree program option please contact any Advising at (206) 934-3658 or advisornorth@seattlecolleges.edu

Posted on: July 23rd, 2015 at 10:50:27

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