Is your Spring 2013 class using our new LMS: canvas?

Not all of our Online or North Blend courses use ANGEL, check here to see if your instructor has switched to canvas 
A Canvas course can be broken down into six parts:

  • the Global Navigation menu across the top, which shows you all of the courses and groups you belong to
  • the assignments you have to turn in or to grade, your grades for all classes, and your calendar for all classes,
  • the Course Navigation on the left, which links you to different areas in the course,
  • the Breadcrumb Navigation at the top of the Main Body of the page, which helps you move up and down in the course hierarchy,
  • the Sidebar on the right, which gives you all the links and buttons you need to get stuff done in the Main Body of
  • the page, the  Help Corner in the top right, where you can ask for support, check your inbox, or modify your profile.

Posted on: March 13th, 2013 at 10:29:54

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