Canvas an exciting new Learning Management System “LMS”

North e-Learning is piloting a new LMS canvas.  This is courseware similar to ANGEL.  It is more student centric  giving students many avenues to access their courses.  You select how you want to be notified through personal email or your social media sites.  

If you’ve ever used a Kaleidoscope before, you know that the little colored chips in a Kaleidoscope are the same but as you adjust the exterior tube, the mirrors inside change, resulting in a different image. Canvas works much the same way. The content you build inside your course is the same, but there are many different ways of viewing that data. You can view your course data through the calendar, the syllabus, the assignment page, or the gradebook. It’s all the same data, just viewed differently.

For more information about canvas click here.  

Posted on: March 13th, 2013 at 10:17:19

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