John and Suanne Roueche Excellence Award Recipients Announced

Bob Bungee, IT Faculty and Megan Bloomingdale, EMT Faculty

Bob Bungee, IT Faculty and Megan Bloomingdale, EMT Faculty

North Seattle College faculty members, Bob Bungee and Megan Bloomingdale, were recently recognized for their commitment and contributions to higher education with the John and Suanne Roueche Excellence Awards.

Bungee and Bloomingdale will have the opportunity to attend the League’s annual conference in March 2018, and have been awarded $1,000 to be used towards transportation, hotel and conference registration fees.

The Excellence Awards were created in 2012, specifically for community college faculty and staff. Recipients are recognized by the League for Innovation in the Community College at the annual Innovations Conference. Recipients receive a certificate and medallion to honor their achievements.

“Mr. Bungee and Ms. Bloomingdale have brought outstanding innovation and proficiency to their departments and unlocked endless opportunities for their students through their commendable work,” said Dr. Warren Brown, president of the college. “We are deeply appreciative for their steadfast passion and thank them for their dedication to our students and the college.”

Bob Bungee, Technology Faculty

Bob Bungee joined North as the sole full-time Information Technology faculty member only two years ago. But in that short time he has led helped evolve the college’s IT program.  

Prior to Bungee’s presence, the old IT program was an IT networking one based on 1990’s technology and enrollment had steadily been declining. Classes were held primarily during the day and in person and the IT lab was the only place where students could practice their networking skills.

Upon Bungee’s arrival at NSC, he swiftly made some vitally needed changes to the program. Bungee de-emphasized the lab in favor of using online models or “virtual labs” for configuring hardware. Students still had to touch the real thing, but not until they learned the concepts online.

This change coincided with a new emphasis on hybrid instruction. Bungee converted the classes to online or hybrid formats and made the lab open in the evenings, creating more access for the working student.

Lastly, Bungee adopted a new course scheduling concept he called, “every class, every quarter.” By clustering courses, he was able to offer more courses more frequently. This model prevented students from having to wait for the next course in their course series, enabling them to make steady and consistent progress. This model also allowed Bungee to offer classes with low enrollments since they were clustered with other classes.

Enrollment in the courses grew by 31% in fall 2017 and is expected to continue to increase.

Bungee has incorporated changes that arguably have made his work more difficult, but has met students where they are, to ensure they enroll, endure and complete. He has shown a willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure that the IT program at NSC is successful and meets student needs.


Megan Bloomingdale, Emergency Medical Technician Faculty

North Seattle College welcomed Megan Bloomingdale in 1997. During that time, Bloomingdale has masterfully engaged the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program and its learners to take ownership of their progression.

The EMT program, directed by Bloomingdale, has a proud history and reputation, but had suffered from instructor turnover and protocol changes that challenged curriculum and instructor inconsistencies. She faced these challenges head-on and managed the program with a grace and poise that has honored North Seattle College’s reputation and earned regional esteem from the shareholders of this Emergency Management System.

Additionally, Bloomingdale is a passionate proponent of finding innovative solutions to engage underrepresented ethnic minorities as well socioeconomically challenged candidates. Her collaborative outreach and actions are rapidly rising to consideration in the region.

Bloomingdale’s colleagues say her steadfast commitment to her students and her team are exhibited clearly in her work. Her confidence and sincerity contribute greatly to what has become a meaningful and efficient learning environment for North Seattle EMT students.

Posted on: March 14th, 2018 at 09:17:05

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