Graphic Medicine: Ill-Conceived and Well-Drawn Exhibit

Graphic Medicine: Ill-Conceived and Well-Drawn

Graphic Medicine: Ill-Conceived and Well-Drawn

A traveling exhibit from the National Library of Medicine curated by Ellen Forney, with unique student visual projects from AMA courses taught by North faculty, Michaelann Allen. Now through May 9, 2018 in the NSC Library.

The History of Medicine Division of the National Library of Medicine is pleased to present our traveling banner exhibition, Graphic Medicine: Ill-Conceived & Well-Drawn. Curated by cartoon artist Ellen Forney, the exhibition explores an increasingly popular, yet little-known literary field that uses comics to tell personal stories of illness and health. The language of words and pictures gives approachability and emotional impact to these personal stories, and even to the clinical data they sometimes include. “Graphic medicine is so effective for understanding clinical and emotional aspects of illness,” says Curator Ellen Forney.

The six-banner traveling exhibition Graphic Medicine: Ill-Conceived & Well-Drawn, draws from seminal texts, newly procured by the US National Library of Medicine. The exhibition uses imagery and text from several of these personal stories told by the author as patient or caregiver. The NLM collects graphic medicine as an important facet of medical literature and more images from the collection can be found at the exhibition’s digital gallery available online at: This exhibition was produced by the US National Library of Medicine.

During Winter quarter 2018, students in AMA 102 and 118 courses taught by NSC Health and Human Services faculty Michaelann Allen created graphic novel and comics-inspired research displays about health and medical subjects. Formats range from original, full-length graphic novels to sculpture, comics panels, three-dimensional assemblage, drawings, research posters, and wood construction. These unique student projects show that there are creative, empathetic ways to discuss complex and sometimes difficult health topics.

Graphic Medicine: Ill-Conceived & Well-Drawn began traveling around the United States in January 2018. It is on view at the NSC Library through May 9, 2018. For more information, contact or visit us on the web at:

Posted on: April 25th, 2018 at 14:00:25

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