FAQ on Student Leadership Restructure

North Seattle College is reorganizing Student Leadership. What changes are occurring?

Two new positions are being created and will affect Student Leadership. The college is eliminating the current director of Student Leadership and Multicultural Programs position and creating in its place a new Dean of Student Life position.  Aside from the director position, current staffing will not be impacted by this change.  The Dean of Student Life will support Student Leadership, the Child Care Center, Wellness Center and the Sustainability Office.  Working in close partnership with the Associate Vice President of Diversity, the Dean of Student Life and the AVP for Diversity will work with Student Leadership, the Gender Equity Resource Center, Multicultural Center and the Veteran’s Center to identify, develop and continue the great work currently being done by our staff and students.  In addition to providing increased support for student life initiatives on campus, the Dean of Student Life will also serve as an ombudsperson, supporting students as they navigate student complaint, academic and conduct issues. As part of the restructure, the college is also creating an Assistant Director position that will report to the Dean for Student Life and the AVP of Diversity and oversee the college’s Gender Equity Resource Center and the new Multicultural Center that was launched earlier this year. The new position will replace the previously held Gender Equity Resource Center Manager position.

Why is this restructure happening?
The primary reason for the restructure is to build on and support the current work of Student Life programs on North’s campus and to provide more equitable staff support to the Gender Equity Resource Center and the Multicultural Center. Whereas in the past structural staff support was provided to only one of the centers (GenEq), the new position will oversee both centers and work over the next year with students to identify programming needs, financial costs, and staffing needs for the new Multicultural Center. The long-term goal of the college is to create two Coordinator positions, one that would be responsible for overseeing the Gender Equity Resource Center and another charged with overseeing the Multicultural Center. In the interim, this new short-term, strategic restructure will give the Multicultural Center the needed structural staff support that is has lacked since its opening to do a thorough review of center needs and advocate along with students for a budget and staff. While the Gender Equity Resource Center has a rich and vital history on campus, including under its original name the Women’s Center, the Multicultural Center is less than a year old and has been solely student volunteer-run up to this point.

Because the Gender Equity Resource Center Manager position has been cut, is the GenEq center going away?
No. The Gender Equity Resource Center will not be affected. The new Assistant Director will ensure services continue as before and will continue to work with GenEq student workers. The Gender Equity Resource Center has a long history and a critical role on North’s campus, and it’s a priority for college leadership to honor and protect that legacy as we continue to build on it through this restructure.

Gender Equity Resource Center hours will remain in place as they’ve always been, including being closed between the break between Spring and Summer Quarters (June 18-22.) Similar to the last academic year, the GenEq center will also be closed through summer and opening again in Fall 2018.

With a new Dean of Student Life, what does this mean for Student Leaders? Will they still have their positions?
Yes. Student Leadership positions will not be affected. Students in these roles can continue their work uninterrupted and will work closely with the current staff and new Dean of Student Life position.  We are in the process of posting the position previously held by Renee Infelise.

What about Disability Services? I’ve heard this position was also eliminated? Will North no longer have disability services for students and employees?

North has not eliminated Disability Services on campus. When the director was on leave for a period of three months during this past academic year, we developed a system to support students.  This system is currently in place.  Additionally, we aligned accommodation for testing with the Testing Center to ensure that the 85% of our students who needed testing accommodations were served. Disability Services will operate the same as in the past with no interruptions to students.  

Will other positions be affected?
Organizational change of this magnitude can be stressful not only for the affected employees but the entire campus community. No staff changes—beyond the new Dean of Student Life position and the new Assistant Director —are planned at this time.

Who was consulted or provided input on these changes before they took affect?
Input was sought and notification was provided to: the President’s Executive Cabinet, various members of Student Leadership and Student Leadership staff, the Classified and Exempt Unions, and the former Chief Diversity, Inclusion and Equity Officer.

What are the next steps? What’s the timeline?
To ensure that students and faculty provide feedback, the Dean of Student Life will be an interim role.  We will consult with the AVP of Diversity, Student Leadership staff and students to be a part of the hiring process for the Assistant Director position.  Additionally, we are currently meeting with student leaders to review funding to support the Multicultural Center.  

How can I share my feedback?
Feedback can be sent in a couple of ways. You can email northpresident@seattlecolleges.edu or submit feedback in the President’s Suggestion Box, located on the second floor of College Center Building outside the entrance to the building near the President’s Office.



Posted on: June 14th, 2018 at 15:02:48

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